Clara & Carolyn-192Movement has always been sacred to me. I have danced my whole life, whether it’s been grooving to a good song, taking dance classes or flowing through a vinyasa, my body can’t get enough. Through movement, I feel as though I’m communing with the Divine. I took my first vinyasa class in 2000 at Jivamukti Yoga Center. I had a feeling of arriving home. We moved through postures seamlessly with an emphasis of breath-body connection. The class gave me what the dance world didn’t, an emphasis on the internal journey. I received my 200 hour Vinyasa Certification with Lauren Hanna at Sonic Yoga NYC in 2003. I met Shiva Rea shortly thereafter and again, felt as though I had come home. Shiva had created a language for the kind of movement I’ve been doing my whole life. She, too, understood the idea of fluidity. Our bodies yearn to move like water and when we do, our bodies hum with excitement.  I’ve completed my 300 hour Prana Flow Certification with Shiva.

I have been leading retreats for over 8 years both in the BC region and internationally. I was part of Sonic Yoga’s NYC 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2005-2006. I have been part of Semperviva’s 300 Hour Teacher Training faculty in BC since 2007. I started my own school of yoga, Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga, in  2013. I teach workshops on the subtle body, chakras, mantra, meditation and asana worldwide.

I thank all my teachers for sharing their passion of this practice with me: David Life for opening my heart, Stacey Brass for her minute cues that have changed me life, Uma for opening my voice, Dana Flynn for throwing out all the rules and inspiring me to do the same, Constantine Darling for showing me another way, and Paul Ortega for reminding me we are ALL the cosmic dancer.

I invite you to be playful in your practice, remembering that lightness is found in spirit!


Websites of My Teachers

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