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13 May 2012 · by Clara ·

Lila Vinyasa 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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A 300 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program for those who are looking to deepen their practice and teaching.

The second module is OPEN to anyone who would like to explore the more esoteric aspects of the practice.

I made a short timelapse of Module 1 2015. Check it out here.



Module 1: May 1-22nd, 2017

Location: Kalani, the big island, Hawaii

Pricing: Triple $2847 USD  + taxes, Double $3077 USD + taxes

*You must have your 200 Hour Yoga Certificate to take this module*
FullSizeRenderOutline of what we’ll be covering:
Art of Sequencing– learning how to create holistic vinyasa classes based not only peak poses but also how to create Bhavana (mood) classes for all levels based on Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow Wave theory. Each participant will teach two classes to their peers during the program and will have the opportunity to receive feedback from their peers and Clara.
Krama by Vinyasa Krama– going over peak poses from the most fundamental variation to the most advanced. We will cover inversions, backbends, binds and arm balances along with any poses requested by participants.
Adjustments and Enhancements-We will go over how to help students understand proper alignment for their bodies in the asanas. We will go over the standing series, backbends, inversions and forward folds. You will have the opportunity to apply those adjustments on your peers during class during the training.
Teaching to the Pregnant Goddess-You will learn modifications and alternatives for pregnant women for all three trimesters.
Anatomy of the Injured Yogi with guest teacher, Erin Moon ERYT500
Erin will go over typical injuries we encounter in the yoga class including rotator cuff, lower back and knees. We will cover how these injuries can happen, how to modify while they’re healing and how they can strengthen the muscles around these key places to avoid re-injury.
Standing in One’s Own-How to create a safe environment for not only your students but also yourself. We will go over how create clear boundaries, deal with “problem” students and how to hold our own among the politics of yoga communities.
The ‘Open Level’ Class-Going over the format from Art of Sequencing and Krama by Vinyasa Krama, we will cover how to create an open level class from start to finish including theme, language and closing.
Feeding Ourselves on and off the Mat-how to stay inspired as an teacher can be hard. We will go over different ways to stay creative, engaged and fulfilled as not only teachers but also practitioners.

10517676_592380897551272_2819415686231457166_nAbout Erin Moon: E RYT 500
Erin grew up in Calgary, lived in New York City for over 12 years and now, close to ecstatically, resides in Vancouver. She has been teaching everything from Hands on Assist to Asana alignment and Anatomy as well as mentoring hundreds of future yoga instructors with the Three Sisters Yoga 200hr and 300hr RYT programs (in both Portland OR and NYC) since 2009. This summer (2015) she will be teaching anatomy and more for Sonic Yoga’s 200hr training in Paris! She has hosted Therapeutics and Restorative Yoga weekends with Dana Slamp of Prema Yoga in NYC. She is also a guest lecturer for the 800hr Therapeutics training with Prema at Pure in NYC. Erin is very excited to be helping worldspinecare.org to develop and launch their Yoga program for back/pain care in clinics in Botsawana, the Dominican Republic and Tanzania in the upcoming years. She has her Reiki 1, training in acupressure and her level one Thai Yoga Massage. Through her studies and as a survivor of deep trauma, Erin believes that Yoga is a journey toward healing, health, happiness, longevity, conscious existence and the bliss of now.


Module 2: Nov 16-25th, 2017 HW3A3785

Location: Kalani, on the big island, Hawaii

Pricing: Triple $1430 USD + taxes,  Double $1550 USD + taxes
*Open to teachers and students alike.
This week long intensive is geared towards deepening our understanding of the more subtle aspects of the Yoga Practice.
What we’ll be covering:
Art Of Mantra and Meditation
We will cover different mantras, their meanings, how to pronounce them properly and how to lead our students through them. We will also have a daily mediation practice going through different techniques and how to lead our students through them.
Sacred Scripture
You will be given a book list in Module 1, or if you’re just joining us for Module 2, upon registration. We will go over one to two texts a day. Included in this list is the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Myth of Freedom, Tantra, Chakras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and a few others. We will dissect their meanings, discuss our experience of the readings and go over how to apply them to the public class setting.
We will go over different pranayama techniques, their effects, how to teach them and why they are beneficial. Everyone will practice teaching the group and receive feedback.
The Subtle Body
We will go over what it is, how to connect to it and how to make it accessible to our students. Included in this will be Pranayama, Boa Form (from a martial art I used to study called Chien Lung), visualization and mantras of the chakras and meditation.
Ayurveda-The sister science of Yoga
What is it and why is it useful to the yogi? We will go over the doshas, how they are affected by the seasons, the daily rituals (dinacharya), abhyanga (self massage) and what to eat/avoid depending upon our own constitution and the time of year.
The Power of Myth with guest teacher Shivanad Oss
Drawing from Joseph Campbell, Carlos Castaneda, Buddhism and Indian Mythology, Shivanad will lecture on the power of myth. Explain why it’s relevant to our path, how to apply and use myth in our life and practice.
About Shivanad Oss:1935826_10153553616515829_376923812294469229_n
I ‘chanced’ upon Joseph Campbell’s “Hero of a Thousand Faces” fifty years ago in the stacks at Loyola College in Montreal. I ‘chanced’ upon Carlos Casteneda’s “Journey to Itxlan” five years later. Because of Campbell, I recognized that Don Juan, the Yaqui shaman, in “Itxlan” was living mythologically. I studied with Brizilian shamans for seven years & led my own circles for about ten.
Mythology helped me leave the village of the predigested experiences of my culture & enter the mystic forest of original experience. The world is all forgetting & the heart is a rage of directions. For me, living myth unites the heart & the world is lifted into its place.

For those who are taking the whole program, you will be paired up in Module 1 with a fellow participant to mentor each other for 6 months. You will share  your goals, as a teacher, and support each other to work towards them. You will take each other’s class once a month and provide feedback. If you do not live in the same city, you will record your class and send it to your co-mentee for feedback.


If you’d like to receive the 300 hour certificate, you must take both modules. They can be taken out of order.

I’m ONLY taking 10 for each module.

This program is Yoga Alliance Certified.

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your space. I accept checks or credit cards (with min. fee)

Email me to register: info@lilavinyasa.com

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